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Taster Day – USD 125

This one day course forms the first day of the Introductory Course (see below) and it is possible to upgrade to either the Intro Course or the EPC course by simply paying the balance.

A taster day is a great day out in the hills and is universally enjoyed even if the participant decides not to continue his/her paragliding career!As paragliding is very weather dependant we cannot guarantee the progress made, but given reasonable conditions you will accomplish solo flights up to around 50 feet above the ground – all under the safe control of your instructors.

On the day of your course you will phone in at around 07:00 am to check that the weather is OK. We then meet at our centre at 09:00 am, where the usual schedule is as follows:

09:00 am. Welcome and intro talk, sign up to the PGPI

11:00 am. Allocation of kit, walk/drive to the site

11.30 am. Introduction to the equipment, daily checks, instructor launch demos etc

12.30 pm. Your turn! Clipping in, inflating the glider, keeping it overhead, how to land.

01.30 pm onwards. Gradually moving up the slope to low level flights,

  gradual increase in height as the weather/group dictate.

Finish time is dependent on group fitness/weather. Usually 04 – 05 pm, but may be later.

The course fee includes all equipment, one-day mandatory PGPI membership and tuition. All you need to bring is a packed lunch and suitable outdoor clothing including some reasonable, ankle supporting boots.

Taster days are offered on Saturdays or Mondays to individuals, but can be organised any day for groups of 4 or more.

If you want to buy a taster day as a gift voucher please contact us so that we can personalise the voucher for you.


Introductory Course – USD 250

This is the shortest course we recommend as a true taste of our sport and comprises the first two days of the Elementary Pilot Certificate Course (the EPC). It includes some basic theory, pre-flight checks, site evaluation, launch/ground handling skills and as much flying as conditions allow.

We meet at our centre at 9am and start the day with a coffee and an introductory talk. After this we sign you up as a member of the PGPI. We do not include the cost of this in our course fee as there are several membership options depending on your circumstances and aspirations.

Even from early on day one you will be connected to the glider learning the basics of pre-flight checking and ground control. We then move on to simulated launches and landings before venturing onto a slope where you will first defy gravity!

What is achieved on an Intro course is obviously dependent on the weather and your level of fitness and progress, but you can expect to be making short solo hops on the first day.

On the second day we build on the basics learnt on day one and progress you higher up the slope to give you more airtime. By the end of the day you will have achieved a number of flights under the direct supervision of your instructor.

At Fly Indonesia we like to keep the student to instructor ratio low to ensure a rapid, but above all, safe progression. At all times you will have either visual or radio contact with an instructor.

Even if you decide not to continue your training, we are sure you will go home feeling that you have really achieved something and the memory of flying one of these remarkable aircraft will be with you for a long time. If you do decide to continue, the Intro course will have given you a taste of what is to come…

All paragliding equipment is supplied for the course, you just need to bring adequate clothing and good, ankle supporting footwear – and a packed lunch.

The Introductory course can be upgraded to the EP course for an additional USD 250.


Elementary Pilot Course (EPC) – USD 500

The EP course is designed to bring the complete beginner up to the accredited PGPI level of Elementary Pilot. At the end of the course the pilot should be capable of site selection, weather assesment, self launch and adequate flight planning to perform a flight with turns and a landing within a designated area.

The length of this course varies depending on your luck with the weather and your performance, but is normally 5 days; 4 days on the hill and 1 day in the classroom. However, once this course is paid for we will bring you to EP level regardless of the days needed (within reason!).

The classroom work comprises theory sessions on flight theory, meteorology and airlaw. Your knowledge will be tested with a short multiple choice exam at the end of the course.

By the end of the course you should have experienced the truly wonderful sensation of floating high above the ground with our stunning scenery laid out before you. Certainly, you will know whether you have the desire and ability to progress on to the CP course where soaring and flying skills will be added to your repertoire.

Once you have achieved this level you are also able to purchase your first paraglider on which you can complete your training.

All paragliding equipment is supplied for the course, you just need to bring adequate clothing and good, ankle supporting footwear – and a packed lunch.


Club Pilot Certificate Course (CPC) – USD 500

Once this level has been achieved you are qualified to fly without an instructor.

The CPC course usually takes between 4 – 6 days and progresses the EPC holder onto soaring skills, often with flights of 15-20 minutes or more, landing back on the top of the hill. Radios are used for communication between instructor and student at all times.

Also covered are more advanced launch techniques, strong-wind glider control, rapid descent techniques, instability, dealing with emergencies and general airmanship.

We take great pride in producing pilots with a high skill level and a good attitude to embark on a long and safe flying career.

If you have committed to starting a CP course, then this normally means that you intend to take up the sport, so it makes sense to be using your own equipment for this. A new glider and harness will cost about USD 3,000, but used equipment is usually available from about USD 1,000. Buying your own equipment has several advantages:

You use the same wing each time you come.

Your harness is always adjusted correctly for you

By the time you qualify, both you and we are satisfied that your equipment is right for you and is correctly set up and adjusted


We are happy to talk to you about the best options for you including package deals including equipment etc.

This is the price of the course using equipment purchased through us.

If you want to use our equipment, we charge an additional USD 300 for equipment hire.


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